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Weekly Prompts is owned and administrated by SueW, and GC,

In May 2018 WordPress announced its intention to abandon its long time practice of providing weekly photo challenges and daily word-prompts to creative camera bugs and wordsmiths.

 GC says – Like many others I too became despondent and was thinking of abandoning my site and would search for a more user-friendly alternative. My partner Susan was more optimistic of the change and saw it as a chance to be more creative.

After some discussion we decided to take our friendship in a new direction and team up to create an alternative site “Weekly Prompts” A second chance to be creative, a site aimed at writers, poets and photographers who still craved the opportunity to present their work to the public.

Launched at the beginning of June 2018 our newly conceived site attempted to fill that creative void which developed over the discontinuation of the popular Word Press site’s feature. ~ gc.

 SueW says – Initially, we provided one weekly word prompt and one weekly photo challenge; a year or so after the launch, we changed the format to two flexible combined challenges – words, pictures, poetry or rhyme – Wednesday and Saturday. 

Due to a number of queries from bloggers, soon after our launch the ’How To’  feature was added to our site. These support pages continue to be updated in response to queries from our readers. ~

To leave a comment or a question please feel free to use our ‘Talk-to-Us ‘ or ‘How-TO’ pages.


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