Prompts and Challenges

Word Prompt – Fairness

"We cannot accept the world as it is. Each day we should wake up foaming at the mouth because of the injustice of things.” ― Hugo Claus Traffic light cameras are essentially cash cows that rake in millions of dollars of revenue for all the municipalities who choose to use this alleged accident reducing method... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge Best Buy

This weekend your Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge from GC and myself is Best Buy. Until a few weeks ago the item I regarded as my 'best buy' wasn't actually purchased by me, it was a retirement gift from my eldest daughter. The item in question, my little Dolce Gusto coffee pod machine, sits at one... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge Fences

“Okay, I'm not White-Picket-Fence perfect!” ~ Heidi Klum This weekend the Photo Challenge we have chosen for you on Weekly Prompts is FENCES! Take a look around you, where is your nearest fence and what does it look like? Hopefully, it's not letting down the neighbourhood or held up with tape like the one I... Continue Reading →

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