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Weekend Challenge Wheels

“Life is like a wheel. Sooner or later, it always comes around to where it started.” ~ Stephen King This weekend, the challenge here on Weekly Prompts from partner GC and me is 'Wheels'. Big Wheels, Little Wheels and even those virtual ones that keep on turning! What will you choose? However you address this... Continue Reading →

Update – Bloggers Beware

Following on from yesterday's Bloggers Beware article, I have an update. It proved impossible to contact anyone on the site itself without leaving both my WordPress e-mail address and WordPress password. I declined to do this. The site in question is hosted by Go Daddy therefore WordPress has no jurisdiction and was unable to assist... Continue Reading →

Bloggers Beware!

Please Note:  Comments are Enabled on this article. Today's post does NOT contain a challenge, instead, it is a notification, a warning to each of you that thieves and rogues are still out there in Blogosphere and stealthily stealing our writings. The thefts are carried out with neither our permission nor our knowledge. How do I know... Continue Reading →

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