This ‘How-To’ section was created in response to a number of queries from our readers. As a retired teacher of Computing, creating support guides to assist fellow bloggers seemed a natural thing to do.

Click one of the links below

An Updated Guide to the Blocks Editor

Mobile Apps Without Using the Blocks Editor.

Blocks Classic Editor- A basic guide

The Default Blocks Editor– A basic guide – step-by-step

How To Unfollow People and Remove Followers

How To Create a Pingback

How To Allow Comments

How To Activate the LIKE button

How To Contact WordPress Support

How To Insert a Picture into a Comments Box

How To Schedule a New Post 

How to Colour Drawings using Paint.Net

How To Create a PDF  From a Word document  and insert its link into a post

How To Insert and Format a Picture in a Word Document

If we can assist, please ask, and we will do our best to oblige.

Your questions and comments are welcome here and on our Talk-to-Us page

Please Note: The Pingbacks for all our challenges are displayed toward the bottom of the prompt pages where you would normally see the comments;  normal comments on challenge pages are disabled in favour of pingbacks.  Comments are welcome here and on our Talk to Us page.

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  1. Hi there.. am trying to join green challenge.. Have loaded photo and tags but cannot seem to get elementor to go back and edit so I can add the link pingback.. will keep trying.. It’s my first time on your challenge.. 😉

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    1. I think I have spotted the reason why your pingback is not showing up. You have a forward slash at the start of our page address /http. Once the slash is removed your pingback should work!


  2. I was sent your link to ‘return to the old WP Dash’ Navigation sidebar
    I got to the something about Language Interface (below my ‘Language’ choice and got this:
    “The page you requested does not exist, or you do not have have the necessary privileges to access it.”

    How do I get to – – I do not see that in my settings
    I also do not have ‘Advanced Dashboard’ option – that must be for paid sites only. 😦

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      1. This is the same info as the one I tried. My site side bar (to the left) doesn’t show the items you have for me to go to.

        I think this only works for folks that have paid to have ads removed or have other types of business accounts.

        Thanks for helping those who can be helped.

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      2. Hello, again Jules. the move to the new sidebar is gradual and some sites still haven’t changed. Yesterday WordPress itself sent out similar instructions via email.

        The instructions are for all sites, free and fee-paying. But if your online sidebar (not the App) hasn’t been changed by WordPress, then you will not see the advanced options.
        Click this link My Settings and it will take you to your settings. Then scroll down the page until you reach Dashboard Appearance which is just above the colour setting.

        If you do not see the words Advanced Dashboard pages as below, then your site hasn’t yet changed.

        Hope this clarifies.

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      3. I did get that part. I was planning on telling you that today. So I can see my comments the way I used to. But I do not have anyway as of yet to get to using the Classic Editor.

        I do not have the option in at All Posts that once led to the top of the screen that gave a drop down choice to use either the Block Editor or Classic Editor. That was taken away.

        I do not have on my side bar under settings Admin Dashboard (or however it used to be worded). Nor do I have anywhere any choice of Advanced Dashboard or any easy way to get to the Classic Editor which is all I really want.

        When you have been doing the same thing for years and are on the shall we say lack of tech abilities side – tech changes are not welcome. Easy for the new folks is not easy for the us ‘old farts’.

        I want three things basically (maybe more but I’ll start with three). Besides just one easy way to reach the Classic Editor; 1) the ability to eliminate extra line spaces (which I just do not see any need for at all), 2) to be able to add a link without the code (which I was able to do before by switching from Visual & HTML) and 3 to add a photo (just the photo not with a link) like I used to in the Classic editor.

        I don’t need all the other options. I’m a simple poet/writer and I want the Classic Editor back! 😀

        Thank you for your help. At least I got my comments back the way I like them. 😀

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      4. Oh, Jules, I so agree with you, I think all most of us want is a simple word processor with which to write and add a few images.

        This must be so frustrating for you.

        Is it possible for you to send me a screenshot of your online admin sidebar and also the screen view of the settings area where you cannot access Advanced options and send to my WordPress email address

        If not, can I urge you to contact WordPress, they may be slow to reply but at least they can examine your site get you up and running again.

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      5. I managed to get screen shots, but my PC doesn’t like your email address that I copy and pasted. 😦 …
        OK I copied the addy and added it by hand and it took it… I hope it gets to you.

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      6. Oh, bother. It did not like that address at all. I just got it bounced back as address not found. If you can send me an email (you should have mine in the comments section at WP…somewhere) Then I can copy and resend to you.

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    1. That is one of the reasons why I dislike Blocks. They still haven’t got it right.

      Have you tried the Admin Classic editor. That’s the one I use; at first it may seem unfamiliar, but it is quite straight forward; it has always been available via the Admin sidebar even before the Classic that was removed.
      The instructions are on this How-To page – WP Admin Classic Editor.
      If you get stuck I’m Happy to help in any way I can, but right now I’m having a much needed early night. Let me know how you go on please, and thank you for getting in touch. Sue. 🙂

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  3. PS.Having just re-read those instructions I can see they are a little out of date.
    Since publishing the instructions I believe WordPress completed the changes to our sites. Ignore the instructions for free sites. I will update the page later today.🙂


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