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How To Take Part In The Challenges: Write a new post and include our name (Weekly Prompts) plus the challenge title, highlight the challenge and create a pingback by copying the page URL or use the link on the challenge page.

We created this ‘How-To’ section in response to a number of queries from our readers. All our help pages were created by us as downloadable and printable PDFs.

Click one of the links below

How To – Parts One and Two Combined Guide to Using the Block Editorย  – Parts One & Two Combined Guide in Audio-Visual Format

How To – Audio-Visual Guide to Guide Three-Creating Your First Post

How To – Audio-Visual Guide – Revert to the Classic Editor

How To Part Three – A PDF Guide to Using the Block Editor

How To – PDF Guide Revert to the Classic Editor

How to Deactivate E-mail Notifications of New Posts

How To Create a Pingback

How To Allow Comments

How To Activate the LIKE button

How To Contact WordPress Support

How To Insert a Picture into a Comments Box

How To Schedule a New Post 

How to Colour Drawings using Paint.Net

How to Crop and Resize with Paint. Net

How To Create a PDF  From a Word document – and insert its link into a post

How To Insert and Format a Picture in a Word Document

If we can assist with anything, please ask, and we will do our best to oblige.

Your questions and comments are welcome here and on our Talk-to-Us page

Please Note: The Pingbacks for all our challenges are displayed toward the bottom of the prompt pages where you would normally see the comments,  normal comments on challenge pages are disabled.  Comments are welcome here and on our Talk to Us page.

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  1. Hi there.. am trying to join green challenge.. Have loaded photo and tags but cannot seem to get elementor to go back and edit so I can add the link pingback.. will keep trying.. It’s my first time on your challenge.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. I think I have spotted the reason why your pingback is not showing up. You have a forward slash at the start of our page address /http. Once the slash is removed your pingback should work!


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