Weekend Challenge – Calamine

"Calamine Lotion - for the relief of itching and simple skin irritations. Shake the bottle well before use - External use only." The Weekend Challenge from partner GC and me is our monthly Colour Challenge, and for September the colour is Calamine.

Weekend Challenge – Pedestrian

"No one else looks out upon the world so kindly and charitably as the pedestrian; no one else gives and takes so much from the county he passes through." - John Burroughs This Saturday the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge from partner GC and me is Pedestrian. In October 2017, just a few months before GC... Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge – The Watcher

"You can observe a lot by watching!" - Yogi Berra This Saturday the Weekend Challenge here on Weekly Prompts from partner GC and me is The Watcher This week we'd like you to become the secret watcher, the curtain twitcher, the one hiding behind a tree or lying low in the dunes!  Take your camera, your... Continue Reading →

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