Photo Challenge Traditions

This weekend the Photo Challenge GC and I have chosen is Traditions, particularly the Christmas ones. We’ve heard it said that people make an awful lot of fuss for just one day! One day? That'll be the day! I don't know about you, but in my neck of the woods the party season begins early and... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge Comparison

There are infinite shades of grey. Writing often appears so black and white. ~ Rebecca Solnit This weekend Your Photo Challenge here on Weekly Prompts is Comparison. The other morning, here at home, high on the hills of Yorkshire, the first snow of winter began to fall. My youngest daughter who lives a seven-minute drive... Continue Reading →

Word Prompt Scary Costumes

" The best part of the night is sitting together with friends and sharing candies, and Halloween stories." -Simran Khurana Halloween evening ( this coming Wednesday ) will be a time for anxious children, tasty candy treats and of course the scary costumes the children wear as they along with their compliant parents prowl the streets of receptive... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge Supernatural

"Imagine this: You're home alone and you sneeze. Suddenly, the phone rings and  you answer, then someone whispers 'Bless You' and hangs up!"  This weekend YOUR photo-challenge from Weekly Prompts is Supernatural! This challenge was formed when I viewed a photograph I'd intended for my own site nan'sfarm. Realising it showed an unexpected extra, the weekend photo-challenge emerged. What about... Continue Reading →

Word Prompt Question

"Life is very complicated. Don’t try to find answers because when you find answers life changes the questions!” ~ Anonymous The Midweek/Wednesday Word-prompt here on Weekly Prompts is QUESTION. We ask lots of questions don’t we? There are some questions that we really shouldn’t ask, and there are questions asked of us that we’d rather... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge The Other Half

This weekend YOUR photo challenge from Weekly Prompts is The Other Half! The other half of what?  The answer to that question lies with you. We're not going to offer any suggestions because we'd like to see what you and your imaginative lens come up with. We are expecting some interesting and varied responses so... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge Top of the Hill

This weekend YOUR Photo Challenge from Weekly Prompts is Top of the Hill. As always, please interpret this challenge in any way you wish, words, pictures, a mixture of both, or tell us a story about your view. Do you have a view from the top of a hill, does your home sits atop one? Perhaps you... Continue Reading →

Word Prompt Subliminal

'Subliminal' is about how we misinterpret our behavior because we're unaware of what our unconscious minds are doing." Loweonard Mlodin A subliminal message is one that is " existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness." Many times these messages subtly entice us to purchase an item, service or some such thing that our mind feels... Continue Reading →

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