Photo Challenge RED

“Red is the colour that makes people hungry. Red instantly attracts attention, makes people excited, energetic, and increases the heart rate." ~ Unknown. Welcome to February, the most romantic month of the year and the Photo Challenge RED! Cast your minds back to the start of January and some of you may remember GC announcing... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge Walking

“I just ordered a Fitbit and my bank called to see if my card had been stolen.” ~ Anon. The Photo Challenge GC and I have chosen for you this weekend is 'Walking' Recently, whilst browsing in a city store, I bumped into a friend. She told me her main resolution this year was to... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge Green

EDITORIAL NOTE Welcome to 2019. May it be happy, healthy and successful for each of you. For the New Year we will be offering a new photo challenge to you. At the start of each month a color challenge will be offered to you. It is an effort to help us all become a little... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge Advent Weather

“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people's legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.” ― Sarah Addison Allen, The Sugar Queen My partner Susan and I continue with our Advent theme offering a few insights into a different aspect of the season. In this installment I have decided... Continue Reading →

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