About Face!

"Make sure everyone in your boat is rowing and not drilling holes when your face is turned the other way! - Unknown. Please Note:  This is an informational post not a Challenge/prompt and Comments Are Enabled. As many of you know Weekly Prompts has created several types of instructions on our How-To Page. All pages... Continue Reading →

The Classic Editor – RIP

"The king is dead, long live the king!"   For the benefit of overseas colleagues "The King is dead" is the announcement of a monarch who has just died. "Long live The King!" refers to the heir who immediately succeeds to a throne upon the death of the preceding monarch.

Word Prompt Frustrating

"I used to wake up at 4 a.m. and start sneezing, sometimes for five hours. I tried to find out what sort of allergy I had but finally came to the conclusion that it must be an allergy to consciousness".- James Thurber If you suffer from the occasional allergy outbreak like I sometimes do (... Continue Reading →

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