Word Prompt Haywire

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley. An’ lea’e Us nought but grief an pain, For promis’d joy! ~ Robert Burns (To A Mouse 1786) The midweek Word Prompt here on Weekly Prompts is Haywire

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Please Note this page IS NOT a Prompt/challenge! RE: Word Prompt Humor My Apologies - Unfortunately, the URL that was originally inserted into the previous Word prompt was incorrect. The reason why the published page URL has mysteriously altered from my original and now has -2 at the end is because we had a previously... Continue Reading →

Word Prompt Humor

The Midweek Word Prompt here on Weekly Prompts is Humor "The clown has a natural wit and funny sense of humour that makes people laugh, but behind the jolly face there is sadness too." ~ Nidhi  The prompt was chosen by GC, which is why I’ve used his North American spelling of the word instead... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge White

“Tell me again about the girl whose hands have no color. Whose hands are completely white. This time make them damned, or untouched, or have her open a red umbrella” ~ Rebecca Wadlinger. Our Weekly Prompts Monthly Colour Challenge is White At the start of 2019, GC and I introduced a monthly colour challenge, and for June, we have chosen... Continue Reading →

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