Valentine Day ‘Special’

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." Charles M. Schulz Today’s challenge is a Valentine’s Day Special, and the challenge word is ‘Special’. GC and I don’t normally set a Friday challenge, but hey, it’s a special day so why not. And on this special day we would like you... Continue Reading →

W/P Challenge ‘Aesthetically Appealing’

"Sometimes beauty lies beneath the surface."  - Unknown. This weekend the challenge from GC and me is  ‘Aesthetically Appealing’. Aesthetically Appealing - A phrase that defines as attractive and inviting, something that gives pleasure through beauty, but we all know that ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ So, what appeals to you, what awakens your sensory... Continue Reading →

W/P Challenge ‘Grey’

"Life isn't black and white. It's a million grey areas, don't you find?" - Ridley Scott This week our weekend Challenge is our monthly Colour Challenge, and for February the colour is Grey! (gray)  The phrase “grey matter” refers to intelligence, brains, and intellect. The saying “grey power” is used in reference to the power of... Continue Reading →

W/P Challenge ‘The Bridge’

Sat 25th Jan "If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live on after he's dead, then maybe he was a great man." - James Dean This weekend the Word/Photo Challenge from GC and me is 'The Bridge'  The inspiration for this challenge came from a most unlikely source (Nan’s Farm... Continue Reading →

W/P Challenge ‘Unusual’

“To me, strange is just another way of saying unusual. And unusual is just another way of saying special.” ~ Drew Hayden Taylor This weekend the Word/Photo Challenge from GC and me is 'Unusual'. This challenge is wide open to interpretation because only you know what is unusual to you. It could be finding an... Continue Reading →

Word/Photo Challenge White

"White, corresponding with metal, represents gold and symbolises brightness, purity, and fulfilment." - Chinese belief. At the start of January 2019, GC and I launched our monthly colour challenge. For January 2020, our colour challenge is White, and was chosen because Chinese New Year 2020 is the year of the White Metal Rat! Some of you... Continue Reading →

The Tree

”A tree falls the way it leans.” ~ Bulgarian proverb Our final photo challenge of the year from GC and myself  is The Tree! TREE - A stem supporting secondary growth. Other than the one definition we're not going to give any hints or clues as to what is on our minds, so give it some thought and... Continue Reading →

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