Photo Challenge Top of the Hill

This weekend YOUR Photo Challenge from Weekly Prompts is Top of the Hill. As always, please interpret this challenge in any way you wish, words, pictures, a mixture of both, or tell us a story about your view. Do you have a view from the top of a hill, does your home sits atop one? Perhaps you... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge Festival

This weekend YOUR Photo Challenge here on Weekly Prompts is Festival. What a wonderful word festival is! It conjurs images of bright colours, music and dancing. What does the word do for you?

Word Prompt Advantage

The Midweek Word-prompt is Advantage. This particular word may turn out to be entertaining, on the other hand, it may evoke a gloomy response; it all depends on how you choose to interpret and engage. Have you benefited from someone else’s loss, or turned a situation around and gained an advantage from a disadvantage? Alternatively,... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge Bucolic

The Photo challenge is Bucolic. I first heard this word when a character in a television murder mystery used it. Never having heard it before, I imagined it was either an indigestion remedy or possibly a block of disinfecting soap!

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