Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge -The Birds

“Feeding birds means feeding yourself! Birds are part of nature and feeding nature is nothing but feeding yourself!” – Mehmet Murat ildan.

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my site is THE BIRDS.

Physical bird feeding stations seem to crop up as the warmer spring and summer months arrive. Hummingbirds, bluejays, chickadees and sparrows are favored varieties of birds that have physical feeders designed for their needs.

Many times though, folks who do not have “official” bird feeders and want to get in on the act of taking care of birds devise their own method for feeding birds in their area.

My neighbor during the spring and summer months has for the past number of years thrown loaves of bread onto her lawn and within minutes a flock of pigeons (not seagulls) have swooped down and cleaned every crumb of bread offered in a relatively short amount of time.

Others enthusiastically scatter varieties of bird seed on their balconies, porch railings and patios to feed these hungry winged scavengers.

What about the birds in your area, which birds do you spot?

Do you or your neighbours feed our feathered friends?

Our challenge is as flexible as you’d like it to be, so please use it in a way that suits you – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

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