Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Home

Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.” – John Ed Pearce

This week’s Wednesday challenge  on partner Susan and my site is the word HOME.

There are many expressions bandied about to describe what a home is supposed to be like. It is” a place to hang your hat”;  there is “no place like home”; and “home is the place where you are always welcomed”.

Is a home a physical structure or  more a mental construct offering a feeling of well-being, camaraderie and love? 

This week we ask you to  tell us your own definition of the word “home”. Is a home a shelter from the slings and arrows of life or is it more a place a person wants to escape from?

Many homes today are extended family dwellings where aged parents are housed and protected by their adult children. Others are havens where grown children return to the nest seeking parental support during their own stressful economic issues or personal psychological crises.

What is your take on this topic? Please tell us or show us.

As always, our challenge is flexible, please interpret the challenge in any way you wish – Words, Pictures, Poetry, or Rhyme.

Please tag Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Home.

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