Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Soup

“There is nothing like soup. It is by nature eccentric: no two are ever alike unless, of course, you get your soup in a can.” — Laurie Colwin

This week’s Wednesday challenge here on partner Susan and my site is SOUP.

This is the time of year when colder temperatures and falling leaves remind us that a hot bowl of delicious homemade soup may just be the seasonal panacea we need to ward off the blues.

The more adventurous among us don their apron and chef’s hat ( referred to by the French as a “toque” or “toque Blanche”) and confidently arrange their pots, pans and other kitchen utensils near their stove to prepare a recipe their grandmother handed down to them.

Others ( like myself) brazenly open a can of store-bought soup confident in the knowledge that even though the steamy liquid before us might not taste as good as grandma’s we do not have the mess in the kitchen to clean up after we finish the meal. 

This week we want to know if you are the type of homegrown chef who would attempt to create a flavorful bowl of soup you enjoyed from your favorite restaurant or would you tell yourself that the preparation of such a dish is beyond your skill set.

As always, our challenge is flexible, please interpret it in any way you wish – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

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