It’s a Challenge

“Dear Life, when I said, “can my day get any worse” it was a rhetorical question, not a challenge!” ~ Unknown.

The title say it’s a challenge, but not in the usual way.

For many of us, commenting on subscription blogs is becoming a challenge, and the cause appears to be our browsers. Makes you feel like tearing your hair out!

As far as I can tell, no one has problems commenting on the free sites.

Perhaps a WordPress update caused Safari, Firefox and Google to misbehave. Who knows? We’ll all blame WordPress no matter what!

So what’s the solution? I’ve tried all the tips that WordPress gave me, but nothing worked until I figured out a workaround.

If you’re one of my blogging friends experiencing problems, I may be able to help; however, I can only offer tips that work for me. I’ve put together a support document on our Weekly Prompts How To pages; please Click Here

Today, Comments are enabled, do feel free to comment.


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18 thoughts on “It’s a Challenge

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    1. It’s a bit of a mystery why some of us have problems and others don’t and unfortunately, WordPress couldn’t offer a workable solution.
      Thank you for commenting on this, it’s appreciated.

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  1. I can comment on most of the blogs that I follow through the WP reader. If I’m not following that blog, I usually follow them so that I can comment. A problem I’m facing that no one has yet mentioned is that I can some of the posts from those I follow in my reader but not all. Is anyone else facing this issue?

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    1. It sounds as though you are having the same problem as me, and plenty of others. It is usually when we visit the sites that pay such as the premium sites and self hosted where we have the issues.

      I’m guessing it has something to do with the URL, the domain names such as .com because we can comment on all free WordPress sites.

      Usually, deleting history and cookies sorts out these little blips, but this time that’s not working for me.
      Take a look at the document I wrote and next time you have a problem just try one of the workarounds.

      Thank you for commenting, Sadje.

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    2. I do 99% of my reading through the WP Reader, but I do notice that sometimes the WP Reader is not displaying everything published by the bloggers I follow. There seem to be gaps, usually several hours or so. I have never whinged about it because it is very hard to keep up with everything in my Reader. I have to set a time limit and enjoy reading as much as I can within that time.

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      1. It’s difficult keeping up with the Reader, I feel I am on a permanent catch-up.

        Published blogs and the long time lapse before showing up on the reader sounds like a WordPress issue.

        It happened to me once, my post didn’t show up on the reader until four hours later, and according to WordPress it was my fault. I’m sure they were right!

        I had a post on the Schedule but a minute or so before it was due to be published I opened it up to do a last-minute edit!

        Thank you for your comments on this. 🙂

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    1. There are too many of us having these problems!
      Far too few report the issues, and according to WordPress unless the complaints received are widespread they see them as isolated incidents that don’t need further investigation.



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