Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Extreme Heat

‘You know it’s hot when even the dog starts to melt. ” —Pinterest.

This week the Wednesday challenge from partner Susan and myself is Extreme Heat; however, feel free to use either of those words as your challenge. 


The world has been experiencing an unbearably hot weather streak. Temperatures are soaring to produce new record highs and people around the world are angry, fatigued and frustrated that some type of relief is not forthcoming.

For a moment let’s consider our beloved pets. This weather is tough on them too. They depend on their human caretakers to look out for their welfare, safety and security.

This week’s challenge asks you to tell us about your personal battle with the heat (now or in the past) and/or the way(s) you are looking out for your own pet’s interest. Pet stuff is not about the many products out there to groom them but the steps you are personally taking to keep them out of harm’s way.

As always, our challenge is flexible so please interpret in a way to suit you – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

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