Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Pressing Matters

” Simple things like ironing my clothes, doing laundry, making my bed made me feel independent and gave me the sense of accomplishment that I can do it myself.”- Athiya Shetty

This week’s Wednesday challenge on partner Susan and my site is  PRESSING MATTERS.

Are you old enough to remember the good old days when Monday was designated laundry day and the washing-drying-ironing was scheduled and one lucky family member was officially designated to help mom iron?

In our family, I was the oldest and readily accepted this task. For me it was fun. I could iron things the way I liked and at the same time watch television or listen to the radio. Mom always made deep-fried potato chips on that day. Yummy.

I would set up the ironing board (a bit tricky at times), make sure the iron was warm enough to press the clothes but not too hot so that the heat would scorch the material and finally get into smoothing out the wrinkles — in a manner similar to a plastic surgeon these days I guess.

Nowadays this chore is becoming a lost art. Non iron labels and permanent press shirts and pants have made this activity obsolete. Even sheets and pillow cases have become almost wrinkle-free. 

This week Susan and I ask you to tell us of your own experiences ironing clothes. It can be from your childhood past or your modern-day relief that ironing is now a thing of the past. Do you even have an ironing board in your residence? I do. 

As always, our challenge is flexible so please interpret the challenge in a way that suits you – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

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