Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Retro Fit

“New Jersey is the diner capital of the world,  boasting 600 diners. It has all the right elements like a transportation system, large working-class population and many diner manufacturing companies.” – paste magazine.

On Weekly Prompts this week, the Wednesday challenge from partner Susan and myself is RETRO FIT.

Jacks Drive-In, located in Spruce Grove Alberta, has been in the burger business since 1960. They have kept the spirit of that era alive and well in their establishment as noted in the above wall mural where Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley attend the service counter. Those were the days alright.

Many times the word “retro” connotes something that was once popular and is making a desperate attempt to fit into today’s high tech environment. But sometimes memories of the good old days become an attraction for a business that wants to resurrect the good vibes from the past.

The spirit of this week’s challenge is well represented in the wall mural gracing the interior of this local burger joint.

The food is yummy; the jukebox in the corner only plays tunes from the late fifties and early sixties, and the customers swooping down on this place attest to the fact that this Drive-in, and not the larger, national burger franchise outlets, is their overall choice.

This week we invite you to share with us special nostalgic places that bring back pleasant memories for you from your past. If you crave nostalgia try to locate such an establishment in your own neck of the woods and tells us about it. 

As always, our challenge is flexible so please interpret in a way that suits you – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

Please tag Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge Retro Fit.

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