Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Recipe Cards

G R A N D M A ‘ S  F A M I L Y  R E C I P E  C A C H E

“Recipes are by nature derivative and meant to be shared – that is how they improve, are changed, how new ideas are formed.”― Molly Wizenberg

This week’s challenge on partner Susan and my site is RECIPE CARDS.

I realize that in this high tech era the thought of using recipe cards to permanently record your favorite or newly found recipes might seem to be a bit retro but there are extenuating circumstances that strongly support the use of this medium.

The truth of the matter is that the cards are much easier to use than all those pieces of folded scraps of oversized paper you are currently using to hold this information.

Using your tablet to view cooking videos from YouTube or your cell phone to store these recent finds might offer a short term storage solution but they are not user friendly and not as palpable a solution as grandma’s cards were.

I once tried following a recipe for an Italian pasta dish on YouTube and soon discovered that the start and stop method to proceed with the recipe was extremely frustrating and nerve-wracking. Recipe cards offered the best solution.

This week give us your take on the topic. Pro or con. Retro or not. It’s up to you.

As always, our challenge is flexible so please interpret in a way that suits you – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

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