Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Dungeons or Drag Ons


“Most kids would not respect their parents as much as they do, or even at all if they knew how intellectually undemanding is the role they played in their creation.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

This week the Wednesday challenge from partner Susan and myself is DUNGEONS OR DRAG ONS.  

There seems to be a growing trend these days for adult children to actively ignore, rebuke and at times psychologically punish their parent who dared divorce his/her spouse and seek a better life for themselves with another significant other.

A few women I know are dismayed and bewildered by the fact that their adult offspring would refuse to offer them psychological support at a time they were willing to leave that new found other in return for acquiescing to familial wishes.

One woman, in particular, is on a roller coaster ride of leaving -returning – leaving that particular person her family despises. She herself confided that she cannot stand to be near the man but without the support of her family she has no choice of escaping this situation.

Many times overly demanding and controlling adult children want to socially isolate such a parent with the threat that their love and support will be withheld from them because they divorced a loved parent.

This bewildering situation of emotionally isolating such a parent is on the rise not only for seniors but also for many folks entering the empty nest ( or soon to be empty nest)  phase of their lives.

We ask you this week to give us your take on this matter. Are your own adult children turning a cold shoulder to you because you dared to leave a marriage that was in your opinion, not a good fit?

Do you know anyone who has faced this situation but managed to escape this demoralizing spiral?

As always, our challenge is flexible so please interpret it in a way that suits you – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

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