Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Nosey Parkers

 “Never waste time and energy, trying to figure out why some people stick their noses up other people’s business because you just might end up like them in the process!” – Jummai Abdullahi

This week the Wednesday Challenge from partner Susan and myself is NOSEY PARKERS. 

A NOSY PARKER is an overly inquisitive person. This type of character is related to a “buttinski” who is defined as a person given to butting in, a troublesome meddler.

The list of other endearing names for these folks includes interloper, intruder, kibitzer, and of course busy body.

While the names may change the amount of confusion and interference they cause by their helpfully inquisitive natures is historic.

This week Susan and I invite you to describe your own experiences with these types of people. Was their meddling helpful or did it create more frustration for you?

Share your story here and as always, our challenge is flexible so please interpret it in a way that suits you – using Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

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