Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Rust Buckets.

“Patience is your ability to keep your motor idling when you really feel like stripping your gears.” – Words to live by.

A B A N D O N E D  IN  A  F A R M E R ‘ S  F I E L D

This week the Wednesday Challenge from partner Susan and myself is RUST BUCKETS.

These entities may be a car, ship, or another vehicle that is old and badly rusted.

While many antique car/truck/boat collectors actively search for vintage vehicles to add to their collection drivers who own these public eyesores try desperately to ditch their unwanted vehicle in a location that is as remote and camouflaging as possible.

When you drive in the country you periodically notice these vehicles parked conspicuously in a farmer’s field, on an abandoned side road or worse yet in your neighbor’s back yard (especially if he/she is planning on owning a junkyard.

This week we invite you to share with us your own opinion on these abandoned vehicles. Do you own such a vehicle? Have you ever tried to get rid of such a one in an unorthodox manner?

Share your story here and as always, our challenge is flexible so please interpret it in a way that suits you – using Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

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