Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Winter Moon

“In winter, on the darkest nights, one rejoices even to see the tiniest sliver of a moon.” — Marty Rubin


This photo of the new year’s first full moon ( known as a Wolf Moon) was captured by Katie M. east of Bentley Alberta.

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my site is WINTER MOON.

The “Wolf Moon” is the first moon of the new year. In 2022, the full wolf moon occurred on January 17, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which popularized the custom of naming moons.

It isn’t clear if the name “wolf moon” actually came from a Native American tribe, but the idea seems to be that wolves can be heard howling at the moon at this time of year.

People used to believe that wolves howled out of hunger, which made sense for the middle of winter, though now it’s thought that wolves actually howl as a form of communication with other wolves.

We invite you to tell us the various names and traditions associated with the first full moon in your area. 

As always, our challenge is flexible – please interpret in a way that suits you – using Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.

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