Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Virtual Exhibitions

Museums tell stories so much better than textbooks do. And that’s what history is, isn’t it? It’s just a really big story. That’s what makes it important. And museums get that. Textbooks don’t.”― Katherine Locke

V A N  G O G H  –  A N  I M M E R S I V E   E X H I B I T I O N

This week the midweek challenge from partner Susan and myself is VIRTUAL EXHIBITIONS.

This past summer I experienced and enjoyed an “Imagine Van Gogh ” immersive indoor exhibition that was presented in Edmonton Alberta at the city’s exhibition grounds.

The immersive experience chronicled more than 200 of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings through a unique journey inside the artist’s artworks. 

Original canvassesaccording to the exhibition’s directors were expanded and fragmented, then projected into unusual shapes to emphasize the mesmerizing exaggerations and distortions of Van Gogh’s work. 

Visitors experience their energy, emotion, and beauty like never before. A once in a lifetime experience for me.

Would you visit such a virtual presentation and let yourself be absorbed into the passion, magic and excitement of the moment.

Have you ever used online virtual tours? How do you feel about the many experiences virtual tours could offer you? Perhaps you have an exhibition of your own to share.

As always, our challenge is flexible, so please interpret the challenge in any way you wish –  Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.


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