Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Pubs/Taverns

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy!” ~ Frank Sinatra

Wednesday Challenge Pubs/Taverns from GC and Sue W

This week, my partner Susan and I invite you to write about your pub/tavern experiences. 

My own familiarity with pubs and taverns arose during my time at The University of Windsor (Canada). 

The  Ambassador Bridge is located in Windsor, Ontario and connects Windsor to Detroit, Michigan. It is an international crossing site between Canada and The United States

For many students, there were three kinds of refreshment facilities — four if you consider the on-campus student pub. 

(1) Regular drinking establishments where the internal decor was sparse but the service speedy – Sids Bridge House Tavern. 

(2) A more traditional establishment where professors and students shared a few brews and a nourishing hot meal after classes were over was -The Dominion House Tavern. 

(3) An express trucker pub where a sports channel was always in tune and the stand-up format the norm was the Highway House. 

Sid’s Bridge House was not located near the Ambassador Bridge but was the place where many students flocked to have a few quick brews, watch a game on television or challenge one another to a quick but intense game of shuffleboard. 

My favorite tavern was The Dominion House Tavern, which had plenty of tables, hot food and the preferred place for many undergraduate students to meet and review the day’s events. It was also the pub of choice for a Saturday night date where couples met to enjoy a tasty hot meal together. 

Along with three friends in my study group, I occasionally went to the Highway House for the “last call’. The university library closed at midnight, and we would pile into our friend’s VW beetle and get there by 12:30 a.m. 

There was one feature at this pub that intrigued me. One evening, while my friends and I were sipping our beers, the pub’s door flew open and a man rushed in yelling to the waiter ‘Two-up please and hurry!” 

He yelled this out as he was running towards the bartender. I watched him plunk his money on the bar, rapidly down his two glasses of beer and then, without stopping, ran out the door. 

I was intrigued by this and asked the waiter what was going on. 

I was told that the man who quickly downed his drinks was a truck driver and had parked his rig outside the tavern while waiting for the traffic light to change from red to green. He did this a few days a week, and his unusual demand had become a common occurrence there. 

Your own sobering thoughts on this topic are greatly appreciated and always welcomed. Did you ever play darts in your pub or get caught up in the songs and merriment of the place?  

Please interpret the challenge to suit you, anything goes – Words, Pictures, Poetry, and Rhyme. 

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