Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Unforeseen

“If I had my life to live all over again, I’d be a plumber!” ~ Albert Einstein.

This week the Wednesday Challenge from partner Susan and myself is Unforeseen.

Why is it that things always break down or go awry after midnight on Friday , Saturday or Sunday when all the places that can correct the problem are closed?

One week ago Sunday after midnight I was ready to turn in for the night when I heard a strange sound in the kitchen. It was the sound of running water, and I wrongly assumed it was the sound of other tenants using their dishwashers late at night.

The next morning ( about 8 am )  I noticed water on the kitchen floor positioned between the dishwasher and the fridge. The fridge is the type that makes ice cubes when you activate the settings.

The sound of running water continued as I tried to turn off the two valves ( hot and cold) located under the sink. The hot water valve was highly accomodating while the cold water one would not budge.

A call was placed to the building supervisor about 8:05 a.m. and he was knocking at the door five minutes later. He looked under the sink and with the proper tool shut off the cold water valve.

There was relief in his voice when he discovered where the leak was coming from. He said he noticed the leak about 7 a.m. and had been searching for the source all that time.

The suite below mine was not affected. The water was dropping down into a large garbage bin and not onto the suite below mine. Thank goodness.

The cold water was turned off in the suite. Later that morning ( around 11 A M.) A replacement valve was installed and We breathed a sigh of relief.

The water had snaked its way down the pipes and leaked on the building’s trash area. A lucky thing for all concerned.

Curtis the on-site maintenance man, made arrangements to have three industrial-strength heating fans placed in the kitchen to help dry out the area.

The fans were there for three days and were as noisy as hell. The kitchen space was drastically reduced to a crawl space and three sets of heavy-duty electrical cords were taped to the floor.

The kitchen cabinetry will be replaced and the threat of facing a tsunami in the kitchen has been averted. ~ gc. 

How you choose to respond to this challenge is entirely up to you – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme. 

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