Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Boxing Day

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet…” – Rachel Wolchin

The Wednesday Challenge from partner Susan and myself is Boxing DAY. Boxes or containers.

Moving Day

Contrary to expectation this blog challenge is not necessarily about moving out of your current digs and going to another.

In its most generic sense, the article involves all those in-home operations where a bit of a strong back and of course many helpers enable you to accomplish a task that you have neglected to do for a long time.

In my situation, I recently moved to a two-bedroom suite from a three-bedroom one. I used 30 packing boxes, reams of packing paper and had the place organized the day the moving van arrived. It was a nine a.m. appointment and they arrived there at 9:30. Not bad.

It was a stormy day and the forecast for intermittent showers meant that when the movers went outside with my possessions Mother Nature decided to turn on the water sprinklers and let a few gusts of wind try to topple the boxes I had so meticulously packed a few days earlier.

The movers were professional and in less than 90 minutes my furniture and boxes were safely inside my new apartment. It continued to be a blustery and rainy day but the weather outside did not bother me anymore that day.

Susan and I invite you to share with us your own at-home projects or simply Boxes and containers.

Unsure how you can use the challenge? It’s flexible,  feel free to do it your way. Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme. 

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