Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Booster Vaccines

Scientific literacy is an intellectual vaccine against the claims of charlatans who would exploit ignorance. Neil deGrasse Tyson.

This week’s Wednesday Challenge from partner Susan and myself is BOOSTER VACCINES. 

Do you remember when you were in grade school ( the earlier years) when your classmates and yourself were summoned to the nurse’s office to receive the most recent inoculation against the various childhood diseases prevalent at the time?

Our parents believed that these shots would provide us with a lifetime of protection and immunity from the diseases. Wrong.

When I was receiving my flu shot last November I asked the pharmacist if it made sense for seniors to update those childhood immunity shots. He wholeheartedly endorsed the idea saying that many people over a certain age believe they are still protected after all these years. 

He told me that adults over 50-years-of age should get these childhood shots updated every 10 years to protect themselves from future health issues.

In addition to the flu shot I also had my diphtheria– tetanus- pertussis ( DTP) and mumps-measles-rubella (MMR) vaccines updated. In case you were wondering the DTP is one inoculation and the MMR another.

This week partner Susan and I invite you to give us your take on the matter. The pros, as well as the cons, are welcomed as are your own anecdotal tales about getting the vaccines in grade school.

Don’t forget – the challenge is flexible,  feel free to do it your way. Words or Pictures.

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