Oh Dear – WP Admin Redirect!

“When things go wrong, don’t go with them!” ~ Elvis Presley.

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I have a question for my fellow bloggers – Do you use the WP Admin Classic Editor?



You may have noticed that the WPAdmin link is missing from the sidebar.

You may also have noticed that clicking All Posts redirects to the Blocks Editor screen view of posts instead of our usual admin view of saved posts.

I’m unsure when the redirect occurred because I use my desktop saved links to the Admin Classic for both sites.

If it has happened to you and you don’t have the full Admin editor link saved such as our Weekly Prompts link below – all is not lost.


There is always a solution – Try copying the address below into your browser but change the blog name to your own. If it’s successful, then don’t forget to save it.


You might need to have a second window open so that you’re not continually clicking the back button to see other saved posts.

It’s not a perfect solution, but for now it’s all I’ve got! Hope this has been of help to some of you.

As for me, I usually write my articles using the Microsoft Word Blogging Template, save as a WordPress blog draft, click to auto upload to WordPress and if necessary tweak/edit with the WP Admin Classic editor. This combination suits me well. 012021_1642_WeeklyPromp1.png

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Our Weekly Prompts How-To section has created step-by-step guides for the remaining WordPress text editors. Recently added to our How-To pages is – How to use the Microsoft Word Blogging Template.

NewHow to use the Microsoft Word Blogging Template.

  • Default Blocks Editor including its Classic Block. 
  • WP Admin Classic.
  • Using the Mobile App.
    Access All Here

4 thoughts on “Oh Dear – WP Admin Redirect!

Add yours

  1. I worked it out too, but the problem is that they are going to remove the classic editor completely and there will be no redirects. At which point, I either have to alter my writing style, or give up blogging. Right now, I’m inclined to giving it up. I have enjoyed blogging, but I’ve been writing professionally for more than 50 years and been a pretty good amateur photographer for the same amount of time. Requiring me to completely rethink how I write is unrealistic and rather mean-spirited.

    The point of a block editor is that you can move blocks around. That’s why block editors are great when you are authoring a book or any other large manuscript. It’s unnecessary for a blog and in any case, this format is NOT a block editor. Fixed blocks achieve nothing.

    Lacking the flexibility of a real block editor, what’s the point? The end result looks exactly like it did before, but it’s twice the work and requires everyone to use THEIR style. After 50 years as a pro, I’m not even sure I CAN change how I write because that also means changing how I think as a writer. Could I do it? Probably, if they were paying me. But since I’m paying THEM, telling me what I have to do is at best, peculiar

    I don’t know what they were trying to achieve, but they didn’t achieve it. I don’t understand how it would hurt them to allow those of us who do not like this format to not use it. Why drive users away? It’s a strange business model. Normally, the goal is to ATTRACT users, not make them give up using your product.

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    1. Oh, I agree with your criticisms. You and I are perfectly capable of using the Blocks, but I know you will agree it is a poor replacement to what we originally had.
      All I want is a simple word processor, and it doesn’t have one.

      Knowing what was coming I switched to using the Microsoft Word Blogging template. It won’t suit everyone but it suits me.

      Thanks, Marilyn

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  2. I use the classic editor on the admin site on my laptop and the “classic lite” option on my iPhone. I mostly blog on my iPhone, so if they remove the classic editor from the admin site and eliminate the option to use the classic editor in the iOS app, that’s when I’ll be leaving WordPress.

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    1. I will continue to use MS Word blogging template to write , but If it’s removed permanently I’ll switch to the Classic block for the tweaking/editing, it’s not ideal because the Classic block is almost as inflexible as the block editor.
      I doubt I’ll leave, but who knows, never say never!

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