Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Friendship

“I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.”. — Arnold H. Glasgow.

This week’s Wednesday challenge on partner Susan and my site is the word FRIENDSHIP.

This is definitely an opinion article wherein we are asking readers to offer us their views about the deeper side of friendship: the honesty, caring and at times an in your face honesty that often occurs with our close friends and family members.

Human beings have this natural affinity to seek bonds of closeness and camaraderie  with others. We are all social animals and life tends to go smoother for us when we have pals, buddies, colleagues and close ties with others.

Does this sought after closeness turn us at times into  mere “yes” men and women who fear that  a friendship will be lost forever if we offer a close acquaintance negative press about themselves or fail to correct their images of themselves even though these images may be totally false.

I know one family whose daughter suffers from mental health issues but whose friends, in laws, business associates and fellow church members refuse to confront this person because she is a “good person, a church going individual and  pillar of the community”.

Her friends and close family members hesitate to tell her the truth because there is a chance that they might be tossed out of that person’s good graces and friendship circle. Their fears are promulgating this woman’s erroneous beliefs about herself.

She is described as a kind and loving person but at times her deeper, darker side rises to the surface to confuse, bewilder and befuddle friends and family members. All these folks know the truth but refuse to tell it to her for fear she ostracize them from her inner circle which they claim she has done in the past.

For this week’s challenge Susan and myself ask your opinion on being a friend. Does friendship involve honesty and caring or does it merely involve forever positively stroking the ego of a friend we don’t want to lose no matter what?

As always the challenge is flexible, so please interpret the word in any way you wish – Words or Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme, you choose.

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