Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Gift Rappin

“Whoever says that men and women are equal has never seen a man trying to wrap a Christmas present.- Anon.

Do the gifts you wrap for friends and loved ones look as elegant and fashionably packaged as the ones in this photo or do your treasures resemble the flotsam of the cargo hold of the Titanic after the ill fated ship hit the ice berg?

This week the Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my site is Gift Rapping

This week’s pre Christmas Challenge (December 23rd to be exact) is actually one of those items that is a double edged sword. In effect the  wrapping  part of the challenge allows you to tailor your answer to the particular question you want to meet.

Do you look forward to wrapping Christmas gifts or do you dread facing mountains of wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and sticky tapes and labels that tend to overwhelm your senses and helps diminish your enjoyment of the season? 

Are you like many folks who purchase their gifts at a mall or local shop and have a staff member wrap, tag and label the items for you?

Sometimes I go this route especially when the gifts I have purchased are difficult for even the most patient to get his head around ( and not a hat either).

It is easier on the nerves to pay a proxy to wrap your gift rather than curse and fume because a piece of skittish shiny paper refuses to conform to your immediate needs.

So partner Susan and I ask you to take a few moments and give us your honest take on this topic. Remember Santa will know if you have fudged your answer and no one wants to receive a lump of coal for Christmas unless they are characters in a Dickens tale.

As always the challenge is flexible, so please interpret in any way you wish – Words or Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme, you choose.

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