Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – What am I? (3)

“It is best to live in a state of perplexity and fluidity, like water, than to live in a hardened and doctrinal state of believing one knows everything.”― Laurence Galian

WHAT AM I?    TAKE YOUR BEST GUESS    Then Check Below 

The Wednesday Challenge this week on partner Susan and my site is from our What am I series WHAT AM I? (3).

On one of my weekly shopping safaris, I noticed the following object that captured my immediate attention. It was figured prominently at the front door to one of the shops I visited. 

I decided that it would make the perfect “what am I” photo entry for Susan and my site. 

There are a number of clues that might assist you in correctly guessing what this disguised image might be.

(1) The item helps to cool things down especially during the winter months.

(2) It is the obvious choice for certain businesses that want to add a natural touch to their location.

(3) Although not really a classic door stopper its presence usually has customers stopping to appreciate the uniqueness of the entire ensemble.

(4) At times the sounds it emits has a calming and soothing effect on many passers-by.

(5) This is not a magical stage set for Lord of the Rings although its presence does have a magically alluring effect on one and all.

Did you guess correctly?  Take A Look Here

So, why not do something similar; publish part of a photograph that will leave your readers wondering what it could be? Alternatively, why not share a piece of writing that leaves us guessing, or how about poetry and rhyme? 

Words or Pictures, No rules and No deadlines – Enjoy! – gc.

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