Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge- Street People

“Empty streets are a blessing for you because an empty street whips your thoughts and makes you question your life! He who wants to dive into his own depths, let him wander in the empty streets!”― Mehmet Murat ildan

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my site is STREET PEOPLE

I watched this person sit on the sidewalk for 10 minutes outside of a homeless shelter he was staying at. During that time he tried to tie his shoelaces and then rearrange the swag he had collected in the trash bags he carried and pushed on his cart. He is one of the many homeless individuals who populate our streets.

Have you noticed over the past summer months that the number of people asking you for “spare change” has dwindled down to an almost nothing count?

A few months ago I noticed at a nearby shopping mall that one kind-hearted passerby tried to give one such down and out homeless person a ten-dollar bill. Instead of being grateful as usual, the man who was about 35 and wearing tattered clothing stood up and started ranting and raving at the stranger shouting loudly “what’s wrong with you man…are you trying to kill me?”

The store owner called the police and the shouting man was escorted off the property. I inquired about this man and was told by the store manager that he “does this occasionally” and has to be escorted off the lot. The fear of contracting COVID virus has left its mark on all members of society.

This week Susan and I encourage you to write your own experiences with “street people” from this past summer or in years gone by. Do you feel uncomfortable giving money to these down on their luck people? Should there be a bylaw on this type of panhandling, making it illegal, as some folk think? Give us your opinions both pro and con. gc.

As usual, the challenge is flexible – Words or Pictures, interpret at will. 

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