Wednesday Challenge – Badly Cropped

“Humans are the only creatures in this world who cut the trees, made paper from it  and then write SAVE TREES on it.” – Anon.

W A I T I N G  F O R  T H E  A X E   M A N 

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my site is Badly Cropped

I know we all have had bad experiences with a botched hair cut once in our lives and vowed to never return to that barbershop or salon ever again.

In the above photo, the tree on the right is desperately needing some type of public manicure to save it from the elements. Actually, there was a red marker tag on the tree indicating that it is due to be chopped down soon.

This week we encourage you to submit your own photo, anecdote or poem about something you observed that had been badly cropped and was worthy of comment.

As usual, the challenge is flexible, interpret at will, words or pictures.


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