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A person can spend every day of his life finding examples of our spectacular oddness, and if that’s what he likes to do, then his life is destined to be full and rich.”― Robert Reed, Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 108

N O T  Y O U R  T Y P I C A L  P J  B O T T O M

This Saturday’s Weekend Challenge on partner Susan and my site is the word ODDITIES.

Before the appearance of the COVID 19 virus, we were all too busy being concerned about things that directly pertained to our lives such as our careers, planned weekend social activities, grandchildren and of course what will happen next on our favorite television soap opera.

With the virus’s presence, we all are now focusing our attention on many new things that may have previously escaped our notice because we were all focused on the big issues of life and not the picayune.

An oddity for me occurred when I brought home my new pair of short pajama bottoms and discovered that the fly had been sewn over by an overly ambitious seamstress at the factory.

I discovered this sad state of affairs at two a.m. when I felt the urge to purge my bladder and discovered that the needed front entranceway was not open for business.

Happily for me, the urge was not that overwhelming and I was able to lower my pajama bottoms to the ground and then daintily place my bottom on the toilet seat to avoid potential flooding on the bathroom floor. Oh, happy days!

In case you are interested the short pajamas were made by Denver Hayes and the entire bin of over three dozen items of various sizes all lacked the much-needed avenue of escape.

For this week’s challenge, Susan and I invite you to tell us or show us your own personal observations of things you have noticed that could be labelled “odd” – Words or Pictures. Any and all observations gratefully welcomed.

Please credit Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge when creating your response.

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