Wednesday Challenge – OOPS!

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

For this week’s Wednesday Challenge partner Susan and I are featuring the word OOPS!

This is the sensation you experience when a brand new  item that you recently bought and paid for “accidently” breaks  due to  circumstances beyond your immediate control. 

This happened to me a number of years ago when I purchased an expensive bottle of scotch ($120) for a well liked supervisor who was retiring and I was selected to choose the appropriate gift for him.

We knew he loved scotch and so two months before the scheduled retirement party I scoured the nearby liquor stores, asked them to order me the special blend of the drink and had carefully gift wrapped it The gift was tastefully wrapped, a card chosen and I placed it in a safe place at home.

The day of the presentation arrived. I handed the parting package to the emcee and as he made his way across the stage to the podium the unthinkable happened: he tripped over a loose carpet, the wrapped bottle tumbled from his hands and yes you could not only hear the bottle shatter but a number of folks in the audience loudly shout “oh no!”

I am sure this type of accident has happened to a number of readers. Please feel free to relate your own experiences with this type of incident. Photos, tales of woe, a line or limerick to help us understand the way you felt at the time is most welcomed.

Please credit Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge when creating your response.


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