Wednesday Challenge – Patience

“Patience used to be considered a virtue. Nowadays, with the COVID 19 presence, it has become a downright necessity for survival.”  – Anon.

Sometimes a person’s patience is pushed almost to the point of self-restraint. This Safeway meat department employee (left) waited almost 10 minutes for the female customer to finish her meat selection while juggling a lengthy cell phone call with a friend. The area around this person was not that spacious and other customers waited patiently for her to finish chatting. – gc

A  S I M P L E  M A T T E R  O F  C O U R T E S Y 

The Wednesday Challenge WORD on Susan and my site is PATIENCE.

I decided to revisit this word after more than a one-year absence. I wondered if the COVID 19 virus had affected people’s behavior now that restricted behaviors, directional arrows on many business premise floors and common courtesy still flourished.

From the photo above self-restraint is now playing a major role in the way many folks deal with one another. I stood there beside the employee and timed the woman. She was oblivious to the fact that she was hogging the area even after a ten-minute interlude.

This week we invite you to describe your own experiences ( either positive or negative) with people whose actions test your own patience. You can also tell us about folks who are the epitome of patience whose actions could be used as a role model for others.

Photos, tales of woe or episodes of positivity are welcomed. Let us know your feelings pro or con. Words or Pictures – tell us your tale.

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