The Classic Editor – RIP

“The king is dead, long live the king!”  

For the benefit of overseas colleagues “The King is dead” is the announcement of a monarch who has just died. “Long live The King!” refers to the heir who immediately succeeds to a throne upon the death of the preceding monarch.

Doom and gloom 1Some of you may not be aware that the Classic Editor has retired. It retired on the 11th August,  you may not have noticed because its disappearance from our sites is to be a gradual phase-out.

Back in May, we were told that the Classic Editor (not the Classic incorporated within the Block Editor) would no longer be the default WordPress Editor, however, we were assured it would be available for our use for a further two years. That is no longer the case.  Doom and Gloom 3It’s not all doom and gloom. There are two remaining Classic editors.

Our Weekly Prompts How-To section has created step-by-step guides – to the three WordPress text editors. Default Blocks Editor – Classic Block and WP Admin Classic – Access Here 

Some bloggers will be disappointed by this change, as are we, and I’ve no doubt there’ll be those who’ll come out kicking and screaming, but can I please ask, DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER, I might not be as polite next time!

There’s little point ranting about it, it is what it is, so we might as well put our energies to better use. Apparently, we should look out for our individual e-mails telling us when to expect our site to be switched over to the Block Editor! 

In the meantime, this link tells us what to expect. Access Here 


Post Copied to my Nan’s Farm site and as this is not a Weekly Prompts challenge/prompt, please feel free to leave your comments on either site.

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30 thoughts on “The Classic Editor – RIP

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  1. I saw the email yesterday and groaned. As WP put it, ‘The Classic Editor is not going away. It moved!’ Like that is supposed to make me happy. Progress, they call it. I’ll have to try it before I call it anything. We shall see!

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      1. Thanks for the bright spot, Sue. So some people have already been using it? I’ve not heard too many grumbles, so maybe WP got all the kinks out of it before the BIG rollout. I hope so! ‘Don’t shoot the messenger!’ Gotta love that. 😀

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      2. I knew you would appreciate that comment! 😃
        I’m not sure if anyone else is using it, but this morning I was told my post (a clean brand new post) was using elements of the block editor and did I want to switch. I continued with the usual Classic because I just wanted to get both posts done and dusted.

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  2. I found the classic editor but can’t switch to it in Chrome on Android as the button doesn’t work. I can’t work out how to schedule a post in the new block editor. Given huow flaky WordPress has been recently I’m close to abandoning it and finding another platform.

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    1. David, there is an actual block called Classic that can be accessed from within Blocks itself, click it.
      Also take a look at the screen shot below. After you’ve clicked Status and Availability, click the word Immediately that is next to the word Publish. This brings up the calendar as usual. change the time first then change the date. you might need to open the calendar twice. the quirkiness of this was one of my complaints. Hope this helps.

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    1. Last week I was having issues with my whole blog posts included in e-mails Instead of a small section ( Nan’s farm – Question of Why) I also included a list of my observations of Block Editor faults. They agreed and said these issues were already being looked into by their developers. It’s still slow!


  3. Nothing has changed for me, and I will continue with the same classic editor that I have been using. I did panic because I thought I would have to switch to the block editor and I am glad that WordPress is not forcing me to do that.

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    1. Initially, WordPress left us in peace and let us continue as we pleased. but now we have a game-changer that includes all of us and you.

      Soon we will not have a choice, the old Classic will be removed. The Classic will be available only as a block. Very shortly we will open our Apps or WordPress online and find our only option is a block. The upside is there is block named the Classic that is almost identical to our usual Classic.

      The rollout will be a gradual process and will not affect everyone at the same time. As individuals, we will be informed as to when this will happen.

      The reason for the post today was to give a little warning to those who were unaware of the changes ahead.

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    1. Both those images are dated May 2020 which was when we were told both editors would remain for a further two years. The WordPress e-mail I received informing me of the change was dated yesterday.

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  4. I tried the new editor a few months ago and had to switch back. I developed an intense dislike for the new and improved.. Simply formatting text was beyond my comprehension so there may be some help requests floating around soon. To me it felt like trying to find my was around Windows 8 when it came out. Considering we are i Stage 3 restrictions and Geelong is catching up with CV19, it may be a good time to spend some time with the new..

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    1. Hello Woolly,
      I was fortunate enough to have had the experience of similar Blocks when I helped out on a school website where my son used to teach.

      This gave me an advantage over many others when WP introduced the Block Editor. Even so my prior knowledge did not make using the block editor an enjoyable experience. It was too slow and editing paragraphs instead of a whole page frustrated me, I preferred the simplicity of the Classic so I reverted.

      I wrote a few guides for our How-To section on Weekly Prompts. I might write another, a simple introduction to the Classic Block.
      Thank you, Woolly.


  5. Hi Sue, very happy interesting to read that previous experience did not help. I tried to write a post yesterday using blocks. As you said formatting multiple blocks was/is a nightmare. There must be an easier way.

    I’m now stuck on inserting images. 😠😠. This whole experience reminds me of Windows 8.0. Absolutely nothing is intuitive. All exacerbated by the first Google item about inserting images which states, in part, that inserting images is simple. My teaching training said not to use that word when answering a student’s question as it would not be asked if the student found it simple.

    Cold and wet this morning. An ideal time to read your Blocks posts. 😊😊😄

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  6. Hi Sue,

    Derrick Knight sent me over here. 🙂

    I’m finally learning most of the changes with the new editor but the most frustrating change I found is that I can’t just copy and past my URL links with the HTML that show the link name.

    For example; I have a link at the end of all my posts with just the highlighted blue name. I have 2 full A4 pages with all my links saved..all with their HTML. The new editor doesn’t seem to allow me to do this and just gives me a mile long URL on the final post.

    Example 2: Riverside Peace usually appear as just Riverside Peace but I’m just getting the plain URL
    I just can’t work that one out.

    All posts to date are OK because I went through WP Admin but that’s not working now either.
    I’ve read and reread all the instructions and I can’t find out how to solve this particular problem.

    Can you please help?


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    1. I’ve just tried it with a sample post using blocks and it worked fine for me. (Sod’s law) Instead of copying the short link (if that’s what you are doing) you may need to start from scratch. Treat Riverside Peace as you would any other short link or pingback. Re-Type Riverside Peace at the bottom of your post, highlight the words and then link to it with the full URL. That should do it for you. That’s the way I did it. 🙂

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    2. Hello again Chrissy,
      I have an update about WP-Admin Classic Editor.
      Chrissy, it looks as though WordPress has begun to make changes to some of our sites. Initial Access to the WP Admin Editor was slightly different between the free Sites and Paid Sites. Some free sites may now need to follow the instructions for the paid sites. I have included the instructions via this link below,
      Plus on some free sites, the desktop App now opens in the Classic Editor that was recently removed!

      WP Admin Classic Editor

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      1. ah…. That was so helpful. I now just need to practice. I can even use the classic if it gets to frustrating.

        You have a skill of explaining through words.
        Much a appreciated. I’ll be staying put and follow. My apologies ahead of time if I ask a question that you have already answered. 🙂

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      2. Chrissie, things are changing all the time, I will always assist where I can. Trouble is I write the guides but WordPress changes things and doesn’t tell anyone. Keep in touch 🙂

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      3. I almost closed my site down a month ago. It was just took too much time trying to write up a simple post. A more complicated post was near impossible.

        Thanks again. I’ll keep in touch.


      4. Covid has been stressful enough. Nobody needs the added stress. People need time out to share and find comfort and encouragement with each outer through their posts.

        I have discovered that many sites I have followed for months and even years, are no longer active. Such a shame.

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