Wednesday Challenge – Kids ‘n Covid

“Mom did you know that if you play in the mud and then don’t wash your hands you can get grown-up-virus?” – Joseph age 5.

Last year around this time the ABC Childcare Nursery School had three child care staff and triple the number of students. This year both the number of students and staff has dwindled remarkably thanks to the COVID 19 virus.

C H I L D R E N  L I V E S  M A T T ER  T O O

For this week’s Wednesday Challenge partner Susan and I focus on KIDS ‘N COVID.

Can you remember the dread and the anxiety you felt when you had to have that “special chat” with your son or daughter about the facts of life regarding sex and all that other mundane stuff?

Well thanks to the COVID virus that issue has hopefully been placed on hold temporarily and the more important life-and-death issues ( like wearing a protective face mask and hand washing) have come to the forefront.

Teachers and parents know that many of the newly suggested codes of conduct to protect adults do not easily apply to children who at times are squirmy, curious, mischievous and in the earlier grade levels hard to reason with in an adult , mature manner.

So you convince yourself that you are not a typical parent and can relate well to your children on any serious topic. You assure yourself of this competency until one day your youngster comes home and tells you that he and his friend Mikey exchanged masks during recess break.

He left for school as Spiderman but came home wearing a Superman face mask. What do you as a responsible parent tell that child? Do you rant and rave at the teacher , your child or yourself?

Have you considered all the possible complications that could arrive because your child, grand child or even great grandchild did not understand the rules of the game?  

This week we ask you to tell us your own family’s strategy to handle this situation. If you like send us a photo of the type of mask your children will wear to school and the type of prep talk you have with them about their behavior in school. All entries and scenarios are welcomed – Words or Pictures!

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