Weekend Challege – United Nations Blue

The United Nations was set up not to get us to heaven, but only to save us from hell.” ~ Winston Churchill.


United Nations EmblemThis weekend is our monthly Colour Challenge, and today, the 4th July, partner GC and I have chosen the colour United Nations Blue.

1945 and the colour blue was chosen for the United Nations emblem.  A slightly different shade of blue was used in 1945 in comparison to the UN Blue of the emblem that we show here. The colour choice became synonymous with the visual identity of the Organisation. Blue represents peace in direct opposition to red, used for war.

An appropriate choice of colour name for this moment in time where support between nations and for one another ought to be paramount.

Nations united as one – No one nation apportioning blame, no internal divisions, no incitement to hatred and unrest; no competitions and no proclamations of who is the best. If only!

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