Wednesday Challenge – Inside Out

“Some mistakes are worse than others: wearing your underwear inside out isn’t as uncomfortable as wearing it back to front.”― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

 S T I L L  O P E N  F O R   B U S I N E S S

This week’s challenge on partner Susan and my site is INSIDE OUT.

The COVID 19 pandemic has turned reality inside out and for the longest stretch of time businesses were closed to the public for fear of spreading this deadly virus to customers and clients.

As the number of infections decreased over time merchants were allowed to open again for business providing they follow a certain number of health and safety rules and restrictions.

The virus has actually stimulated the creative thinking process in many store owners who have decided to bring their wares to the public with the hopes that the “out”door – “in”store experience will lure them back to their familiar haunts.

Susan and myself invite you to bring your own experiences to the table ( so to speak). Photos, observations and your impressions of the changes are welcomed.

Speak from the heart and let us all know how this new way of dealing with reality is affecting your lifestyle positively or negatively.

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