Wednesday Challenge – Summer Projects

“It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do.”― Elbert Hubbard

A  S U M M E R  O F  C H A  L L E N G E S  ?

The Wednesday Challenge offered for your consideration is SUMMER PROJECTS.

We all have those “essential” but not really necessary at home projects that we tend to postpone doing until the warmer summer weather has finally arrived. We assume that our ambition as well as our energy levels will be able to competently handle and complete these “make work” tasks easily

The list seems endless: a sundeck to stain; a fence to be repaired; those darn eaves troughs that need cleaning and storm windows to be tended to, all are placed at the top of our “to do” or “to don’t do” lists.

It’s enough to make a person scream out loud . But these tasks and others need to be handled.

Partner Susan and myself invite you to grab that camera and show us any and all photos of those lingering projects you have been busy procrastinating over. Before and after photos are gratefully accepted.

Who knows this just might be the stimulus you need to complete the tasks.

As usual, interpret the challenge to suit you – tell us about it or show us, words or pictures, anything goes!

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