Wednesday Challenge – Personal Grooming

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.” — Mandy Hals

T H E  B E S T  L A I D  P L A N S  OF  M I C E  A N D  M E N  

This week’s Wednesday’s Challenge on partner Susan and my site is PERSONAL GROOMING.

At this stage of the game in the COVID 19’s life cycle we are all becoming dreadfully aware of all those important services that were once taken for granted and over which we all griped about how expensive they all were.

Well, it has now been almost three months and our once fashionable hairstyles, well-groomed nails and meticulously plucked eyebrows are beginning to look a little worse for wear and tear.

Admit it. : we all miss the personal attentions that our barber, hair stylist, manicurist or even masseuse bestowed on us in those halcyon days. The confidences we exchanged with them was an intricate part of the deal. Now we only have family members on whom to rely.

In this challenge, Susan and I challenge all the bold and beautiful among you to snap a candid photo of any and all personal services that you yourself are now overseeing due to the “temporary” closures of your favorite location.

Tell us or show us, words or pictures – no rules, no deadlines.

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