Wednesday Challenge – Awareness

“Sensory deprivation has a devastating psychological impact and can lead to the complete dissolution of the personality accompanied by hallucinations, delusional thinking and general incoherence. It is presently acknowledged as a form  of torture.”― Brian Moss

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on Susan and my site is the word AWARENESS.

After suffering weeks and months of self isolation we admittedly begin to long for the good old days when things were normal and the world a sunny and safe place. An idyllic escape from the current reality. Cabin fever and anxiety helps promote these notions.

You should also realize that enforced isolation has a positive effect on a person’s awareness of the world around him/her. The grass is greener, the flowers more colorful, the air fresher ( anything beats the stale air of a bungalow or three bedroom flat) and the sunshine warmer.

Hearing friends bragging about how much more aware they have become of the things around them and how situations they once took for granted were now being more deeply appreciated gave rise to this week’s challenge.

Pictures or Pens

Susan and I ask you to dig into your creative bag of tricks and show us how the world has changed around you. Dig out that camera and look for those details in your life that you now have become deeper aware as being there.

If you are a writer ( poetry or prose) we urge you to share with us your thoughts , insights and new awareness of things in your own life that have morphed into something greater than they were a few short months ago.

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