Wednesday Challenge – Tipping Point

“The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” –Malcolm Gladwell

This week’s challenge on partner Susan and my site involves TIPPING POINT.

We all have tipping points (hot buttons) which when pressed causes us to either rebel and go against the grain out of contempt or else acquiesce and modify our behaviors to conform to the new normal ways of doing things.

For myself wearing a facial mask when I am out and about and carrying hand sanitizer or wearing disposable latex gloves were courses of action that I needed to get used to and adapt as my own. At times those two items were difficult to locate.

There is also the novel concept of bunching up my shopping trips to the grocery store and paring it down to twice a week. I was shopping a lot more frequently ( four times per week before the isolation) but that was mostly social in nature and more often was a chat session than purchasing anything.

Tipping point could also be labelled as peer pressure but during the current COVID 19 health warnings and advice from trusted medical advisors swayed the majority of us to follow suit even though at times it was an unwilling compromise.

This week Susan and myself encourage you to describe the ways in which your own “hot buttons”have been pushed and how you either pushed back or surrendered to the logic of the moment.

As usual, interpret the challenge in any way you see fit, words, pictures or a combination of both.


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