Wednesday Challenge – Habits

“Old habits tend to die hard while new ones have a difficult time in the delivery room.” – Anon.

T H E  S H A P E  O F  T H I N G S  T O  C O M E

For this week’s Wednesday Challenge partner Susan and myself chose the word HABITS.

Until this COVID 19 virus  entered the world stage the majority of us struggled with personal  idiosyncrasies that many friends, co workers and family members liberally described as “bad”. They were part and parcel of our personality and if people did not like it they could darn well lump it!. End of story.

Every year our New Year’s resolution tried to center on these “tragic flaws” and we promised on a stack of bibles that we would do our best in the new year to change. For the majority of us the intent to change mellowed over a short period of time and then we slid back into our comfortable ruts.

The current pandemic is not that forgiving. One slip and you could literally end your existence because you forgot to observe a trite point like washing your hands often or coughing or sneezing without covering your nose or mouth. Touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth are also verboten.

One new habit I am trying to adopt involves wearing my face mask and bringing sanitizing lotion or gloves when I go shopping. It’s difficult to find a vendor who offers the approved masks for sale but since I am a senior I have a few reference groups who can direct me to such retailers.

The new health related habits of wearing a facial covering, not touching your face, and be aware of your surroundings is hard to adopt but I try to do a bit more every day. Friends are supportive and watching CNN every day keeps me informed on the latest COVID 19 developments.

Susan and I would like to know what new habits you are developing and how successful have you been to meld together your former ways of doing things with the current suggestions for health and self isolation. Spare no details because we are all in this boat together. Tell us or show us.

Habits – As usual, stretch the challenge to suit you.   Words or pictures, anything goes and no rules!

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