Wednesday Challenge Wary

“If you are too careful, you are so occupied in being careful that you are sure to stumble over something.”― Gertrude Stein

W H O  I S T H E  M OR E P R O T E C T E D  H E R E  ?

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on Susan and my site is the word WARY.

This is certainly the banner headline for today’s call to action especially if you scramble the word and get today’s global situation which is totally AWRY.

There is still much confusion regarding  the many do’s and don’ts associated with the current COVID 19 virus outbreak. Many jurisdictions in North America are still formulating policies and strategies to control and lower the growing incidence of infection for their citizens.

I live in Canada ( specifically Edmonton, Alberta) and as late as last Monday received an email from my dentist’s office listing the many safety related protocols their office is offering to protect valued clients during this dangerous time.

While the list of revised procedures and practices were impressive the  protections seemed to be aimed more toward staff than patients. While eye protection was still in effect for patients undergoing any elective dental procedure the dental office failed to grasp the true nastiness of this pandemic.

The surgical staff and dental hygienists wear the face masks and gloves and are protected from any type of contagion associated with the oral care of patients. I declined to make an appointment for myself based on common sense reasons of my own. I opted out of elective treatment for the immediate future.

On the more far fetched side of the coin beauty salons categorized themselves as “essential services” Late last week the salons were ordered to shut their doors to customers.

Are you becoming a bit more wary of the pronouncements emanating from health authorities and questioning the reliability and credibility of the conflicting announcements being issued from the US Trump White House?

Tell us if you have revved up your own sense of wariness during this confusing time.

As always stretch the prompt and use the word to suit you, words or pictures and no rules.

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