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“I have often been downcast but never in despair; I regard our hiding as a dangerous adventure, romantic and interesting at the same time. In my diary, I treat all the privations as amusing.” – Anne Frank

The challenge for you this week on Susan and my site is DAILY DIARY.

Do you currently feel any of the following emotions: tired; stressed out; scared; cramped; or unsure of what is going to happen in the world?

Well, rest assured all of humanity shares this and other such feeling with you especially when you are forced to remain at home with family members and try to maintain not only a household but your sanity as well.

Putting a positive spin on the current world condition means that you view the COVID 19 virus as an opportunity for you and all family members to write down your thoughts, feelings, hopes dreams and aspirations. – a family history to be read and shared in future times.

The writing down of your thoughts and feelings helps you to gain a perspective and directly share your inner thoughts with others.Even young children can use their crayons and colored pencils to express the way they feel about things in pictorial fashion.

This could be created as a family project in which adults, children  teenagers and grandparents write their daily thoughts and perhaps on a weekly basis have a family meeting to present the way each of you feel about things as they evolve.

American astronaut Scott Kelly suggested the use of such a daily log. He views the new lifestyle of social isolation as a preparation for astronaut training in which you are confined to restricted quarters with other folks whose temperament differs at times markedly from your own.

Always keep in mind that your crew (family members) have different dispositions, temperaments and talents different from your own. It is an opportune time to really get to rediscover one another.

Tell us how you and your own family are coping with this situation. Be as descriptive as you wish. Photos, stories and even humorous anecdotes are always welcomed.

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