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“I’m a good egg just a little cracked and scrambled.” – Jewels.

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This week’s challenge on partner Susan and my site is MARKETED EGGS.

In the good old days when you went to the supermarket to buy a dozen eggs the product offering was somewhat pristine.

No one (as far as you knew) had intentionally fiddled with the contents of the egg and you could be somewhat assured of the quality and safety of the item.

One or two of the eggs might have had hairline cracks due to rough handling or poor carton design but that was about it. Today’s behind-the-scenes activity by egg producers is a lot more clandestine and suspect.

These days it seems that egg farms are literally bending over backwards to entice and accommodate fussy consumers who have their own wild ideas and notions about the eggs they want to purchase for themselves and their families.

On a recent trip to the grocery store I noticed the following egg options:

  • Free Range Eggs                $5.49
  • Large Eggs                          $3.59
  • Nest Laid Eggs                   $4.59
  • Omega 3 Eggs                   $4.12
  • Omega Plus                       $4.89
  • Omega 3 Free Range       $6.39
  • Organic Brown                  $6.19

The brand I purchase Nature Eggs were not sold anymore and when I asked a shelving clerk why not he told me they were not popular sellers. It should also be noted that these eggs were overstocked and probably not selling as well as marketing gurus were anticipating.

This week’s challenge invites you to tell us if you would shell out good money for a dozen eggs whose hens have been manipulated , relocated and possibly even aerated to meet an anticipated marketing demand.

Which ever way you choose to respond to this ‘Egg’ Challenge is just fine with us, Stretch the challenge to suit you,  do with it what you will. Words or Pictures, anything goes!

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