Wednesday Challenge T-Shirt Wisdom

“The medium is the message.” – Marshall Mcluhan.


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S E N T I M E N T  O R  S A R C A S M  ?

T-SHIRT WISDOM is this Wednesday’s Challenge on Susan and my site.

Comedy clubs, comedians, newspaper humor sections all seem to depend on the visually impactful one line comedy site gag to not only entice their readers but also convey sentiments that are usually recognized by the general public.

This type of site humor gives all of us moments to pause, grasp the meaning of the words, chuckle to ourselves and then realize that what we may be feeling at the moment is a universally held sentiment.

For this challenge give us your thoughts on this T-shirt medium of communication. Your photos, opinions , commentary or maybe even your own one liner will be a hit with our readers.

As always anything is fair game as long as its not too gamey. 🙂

Surprise us with your creativity.

To Take Part: Include our site name and create a pingback by using the page URL or copy the link above. If unsure how to create a pingback – check out our How-To section.

Please Note: Pingbacks are Enabled and Normal Comments Disabled on our challenge pages. Your questions/comments are welcome on the Talk-to-Us and How-To- pages

Challenges published Wednesday and Saturday – 07:00 AM (UK) – 00:00 EDM (CA)

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