W/P Challenge Bird Feeders

“Feeding birds means feeding yourself! Birds are part of nature and feeding nature is nothing but feeding yourself!”― Mehmet Murat 

This week’s midweek challenge on partner Susan and my site concerns itself with BIRD FEEDERS.

In North America on February 2nd people wondered what the “official” groundhog prediction would reveal: six more weeks of winter or the coming of an early spring. Much pomp, circumstance and ceremony was dedicated to this unofficial and ambiguous weather forecasting technique.

Depending on where you were located in North America the results varied not only with the ground hog consulted but also with the prevalent weather condition of the day.

This got me to thinking that during this time of national debate and with the “promise” of an early thaw that many of the birds (especially the smaller but hardier ones) must have had a difficult winter and can use some help to  keep themselves nourished.

I recently purchased a hanging type of bird feeder station, placed it in a sheltered area, filled it with nuts and seeds and now am almost patiently awaiting a few of these feathered friends to discover it and start visiting their newly installed feeding outlet.

In many areas of the world it has been a wild and ruthless winter but now as the spring weather is on the distant horizon its time to think about feeding the songbirds who not only offer us their musical notes but also help to protect the ecosystem.

This week Susan and myself want you to tell us if you have ever considered  using a feeding station to nourish the birds in your own neck of the woods. If you have created your own form of feeder apparatus post a photo of it in your blog submission.

As usual there are no limits on submissions and no deadlines – show us or tell us words or pictures and absolutely no rules!


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