W/P Challenge ‘Home Crafts’

“A ball of yarn. A drink that’s warm. A comfy seat. A happy me!”


Gerry's homecraft picture

In the midweek Word/Photo Challenge my partner Susan and I focus on the concept of HOME CRAFTS as far as crocheting, knitting and sewing are concerned.

As I continue to convalesce at home with my current bout of winter virus I am noticing that reading, watching television (even my favorite shows), doing crossword puzzles or even answering emails is not that satisfying.

I have discovered over the past number of weeks that many folks I know suffer from the same winter boredom affliction and have decided to take up crocheting (for the grandchildren), sewing (something for themselves), or even knitting something for a newly born family member.

The internet offers many pattern ideas and it is really not that difficult to get at it and learn a new manual dexterity skill. This is an involving activity not meant only for grandmothers but for anyone who wants to beat the winter blues and create something that will definitely put a smile on their faces.

Perhaps you have other skills to share, such as art or woodwork. 

I realize the knit one – purl two approach is not for everyone but taking up a new skill and challenging yourself to master it is rewarding in itself.

Whatever your skills might be, Susan and I would like you to tell us about them or show us. There are no rules and no deadlines.


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